236 Hurumzi Tower Top Restaurant

236 Hurumzi Tower Top Restaurant Buffet Dinner and Forodhani Fish Market Night Tour

Location: Stone Town

Dine in style at the top of Zanzibar’s tallest tower, the 236 Hurumzi Tower Top Restaurant. Treat a loved one to a sumptuous buffet dinner with ample seating to soak up the breathtaking panoramic view of Stone Town’s night lights and conclude your evening with a stroll through Zanzibar’s famous “Forodhani Night Fish Market”.



Tour Highlights

  • Sumptuous buffet dinner at 236 Hurumzi Tower Top Restaurant.
  • Panoramic night views of Stone Town Zanzibar.
  • Stroll through Forodhani Night Fish Market.
  • Informative and friendly guide & interactive photo shooting.
  • Includes hotel pickup and drop off.

Spend a night in the Heart of Stone Town Zanzibar at 236 Hurumzi Tower Top Restaurant, on top of the tallest tower in Zanzibar. The panoramic views of Stone Town by night are breathtaking from 236 Hurumzi Tower Top, and the restaurant revolves while you dine to provide an ever-changing vista.

You’ll start the evening with a stroll in Zanzibar’s famous Forodhani Night Fish Market, where a wide selection of authentic Swahili seafood extravaganzas is on display. This is the place to have an opportunity of discovering the local sumptuous food in less than 20 minutes.

Next you’ll drive to the most imposing landmark in the city, the 236 Hurumzi Tower Top Restaurant. It ranks as the tallest tower in Zanzibar. You will start sipping some mouthwatering drinks at 236 Hurumzi Tower Top Restaurant, waiting for a sumptuous buffet dinner surrounded by the twinkling lights of Stone Town Zanzibar by night.

Recent Reviews of this Tour

  • I rate it as 5 Stars. The view is tremendous. I don’t doubt that it is the highest view from similar Marumaru Tower Top Restaurant.
    Stone Town is a very ancient and historical city. I expect to return in January and hope to see more cities.
  • We were the only ones on the tour which was a shame because this really is a beautiful place to visit and dine. When you enter the lobbies don’t forget to look up at the ceiling. Those domes in the lobby are absolutely stunning. The meal was superb and the view breathtaking. And Forodhani was great – one of the nicest markets we went to. Worth every penny – come on guys these tour operators bust a lung in that traffic to get you there and make sure you have a nice time; support them.

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