Princes Salme Spice Tour

Princes Salme Spice Tour

Location: Stone Town

Who is Princes Salme? Find out more about her. Start a tour at the birthplace of princess Salme; Mtoni Palace Ruins. Here we make a conservation tour around the Persian baths and the main palace. From Princess Salme’s birthplace we enjoy a 20 minute boat ride to Bububu where we are introduced to a traditional coffee ceremony with Kashata, Halua and dates next to a beautiful Omani house which once belonged to the nephew of Sultan Said (Salme’s father). Here it is said that Salme rested on her way to her Kizimbani plantations. We take a stroll around the lush gardens and the impressive ruins. (Please note that this house is now a private hotel and not accessible if guests are staying.)

Tour Highlights

  • Head Mtoni Palace with your deluxe transfer.
  • Hop on traditional Dhow and head to Bububu House.
  • Enjoy traditional coffee ceremony with Swahili Bites.
  • Experience Donkey ride from Bububu to Kidichi Spice Farms.
  • Enjoy Delicious Swahili Lunch at Kidichi.
  • Sense and Dazzle the Spices in Kidichi Spice Farms.

After our coffee ceremony, we travel from Bububu to Kidichi by Donkey Cart like Princess Salme used to. We visit the spice area to go on a spice tour at Mzee Yussuf’s plantation. On this plantation stands a beautiful old rest house which used to belong to Sultan Majid (Salme’s brother) who later sold it to Mzee Yussuf’s grand grandfather.

Mzee Yussuf’s wife will prepare traditional Pilau, fish masala, roast of meat, stewed bananas, kachumbari salad, several vegetarian dishes, an array of fruits, fresh fruit juice and spice tea. This special lunch is taken amidst of the spice plantations overlooking the Indian Ocean and even Stone Town! (Highest point in Zanzibar)

After lunch we visit the impressive Persian baths in Kidichi which were built for Sultan Said’s second wife Sheherazade, who was the daughter of the Persian Shah. We now head back to Mtoni Marine by minibus enjoying the sights of Kidichi.

Tour includes:
Mtoni palace entrance fee
Boat ride to Bububu
Coffee ceremony at Bububu house
Donkey Ride from Bububu to Kidichi
Extensive Lunch in Kidichi
Spice tour in Kidichi
Entrance fee to Persian baths Kidichi
Mzee Yussuf cutting cinnamon
Transfer back by minibus to Mtoni


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